Welcome to the Trust Pathways election survey, which profiles what candidates standing in the elections are saying about cycling and walking issues. Use your vote to raise the profile of active travel in County Durham.

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After candidates were announced, we attempted to contact as many as possible with a short list of questions to find out what they think about improving provision for cycling in County Durham. Their responses can be seen within these pages. Please note that this year we have had a lot of difficulty contacting candidates, so the absence of a response should not be interpreted as a lack of interest in the issues.

The election period is a busy time for candidates. We are aware that some invitations to participate in the survey have not arrived, and there are many candidates we have been unable to find contact details for. If you are a candidate and would like to submit a response to the survey, please contact us. Parties may also have provided general statements on the issues covered in this survey. Please see the postings relating to the election for further information.

There are no election surveys live at present. Have a look at previous surveys below.

Previous election surveys

Trust Pathways is a non-partisan body. All candidates are given an equal opportunity to submit their views. Information published by Trust Pathways, c/o 35 Archery Rise, Durham, DH1 4LA.